3 Easy Ways to Simplify, Starting Now

The frenetic pace of our lives is largely of our own doing, but there are tangible things we can do today, or at least this weekend, to slow ourselves down. To take a proverbial, and, if it helps, a literal deep breath. The things I’m suggesting are things I’ve actually done, so I know they work. […]

Getting On With It

I tend to get distracted by the shiny things. I start projects (ahem…this blog) with great excitement and verve and all-around enthusiasm. I totally believe with every fiber that I can do it. And then, after a time, typically an alarmingly short time, the shiny tends to wear off and I’m left with whatever thing […]

Consider Yourself Inspired

I struggle pretty much constantly with trying to create the life that I want. Sometimes it’s because I don’t even know what I want, but increasingly it’s because I do know what I want but I just don’t know how to get there. I need inspiration like everyone else, and one thing I didn’t expect […]

Because Words Can Change You

So Mark Helprin is one of my favorite authors of all time, largely because he crafts sentences like the above along with incredible, epic stories. The truth is that words can change us. A million times you have read or heard words that stuck with you, forever. Listen only to the hopeful ones, the beautiful ones, the words that make you […]

The Grain of Sand

Below is a post that I wrote on facebook back on May 1, 2014. It lead in a very roundabout way to the creation of this blog, so I thought I’d share it again here – it’s like the grain of sand that gets inside the oyster’s shell and irritates the heck out of the oyster until it […]

Welcome to Pearl at the Picnic

Back when I was a young and simple twenty-something, my dad said to me, “Bets, you’d make a great writer but I don’t feel like you really have anything to say.” Before you make sad face, please know two things:  (1) I have relied on my dad’s honesty all my life, and (2) he was […]