This Is Not About Politics

Not too long ago I was at dinner on a business trip, sitting beside a man that I work with a lot, who is smart and does a good job and answers my hundreds of detailed questions with as much clarity as he can. He’s a nice guy, pleasant to be around, polite, funny. We’re […]

Interesting is Better than Cool

I realize that it’s all very well and good to cut off your cable and put down your phone once in a while. But what about when your kid tells you that she is the very, very last person in their whole entire class who doesn’t have a phone? The only one who doesn’t get […]

Let Them Eat Syrup

I’ve been telling you to make the life you want, be who you are, let other people be who they are, appreciate, be inspired, simplify. I think all of these things are true and important. But I am here to tell you that I cannot DO them all the time. It’s exhausting. It is a […]