For Adina

Part 1 – Dawn

the first breath
of light exhales
over the trees
behind the house

where a small girl rests in the grass
damp with dew that licks her feet
her bare arms and round fingers
reach to touch the soil
which she softly smells
and barely tastes.

she chooses one
beautiful pebble to give,
and then more
until her small hands are full
of precious and worthy stones.
all these treasures
to be carried and touched
and smiled over and stored

and still the sun is breathing
its unbelievable dawn
on every thing.

the child stands carelessly
and turns toward the house
the light brushing her blonde hair
until she is glowing from within
as if she is from elsewhere

she sees her great-grandmother
who is smiling and standing
at the screen door, holding it open

an old woman who knows
with a divine and certain love
that the ceremony
is almost upon them

About Betsy Tucker

I am a 40-something mom, wife, reluctant lawyer and occasional farmer with a desire to convince everybody in the world to just be who they are and let everyone else do the same. We’ll see how it goes.

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