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My name is Betsy Tucker. I live in North Carolina with my 2 perfectly wonderful kids and my very kind, very patient husband. We also have 3 dogs and 5-7 chickens (read that to mean I’d like it to be 5 but right now we have a very loud rooster and an old hen that barely lays eggs anymore, so for now it’s 7). We live on a 45-acre farm that is isolated and beautiful and restorative and a giant pain in the you-know-what all at once. I don’t like to cuss on the internets. I love cereal and cake, but I detest olives and most kinds of peppers. I try to eat healthy, but I also love french fries, beer, wine and the occasional bourbon and ginger. I was born in NC and hope to never live anywhere else, but I also love to travel and really see how people live in other places. Even if that other place is South Carolina. I think a cruise ship would be my own personal nightmare – too many people, not enough space. I truly believe that I could be happy with my little family on some land with a trailer (which would save a lot of money and force us to get rid of our stuff) but I am not sure my kind husband is on board. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s not. I’ll probably write a blog post on living more simply sometime. Hope you’ll stick around to read it.

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